“We love style AND substance…”

Porcelain tiles are a stunning addition to your home. They look great, but there are also lots of other reasons why porcelain tiles are superior to other wall and floor finishes. Did you know that porcelain tiles are:

Harder and more dense than many other ceramic tile products
Highly resistant to stain, scratch, and moisture, which makes them perfect for busy work areas
Frost-resistant, and often frost-proof, which makes them great for outside
Non-porous, so there is less water absorption and staining; they are much easier to maintain as generally sealants aren’t necessary
Environmentally friendly, as porcelain is made from natural raw materials and no varnishes or resins are used

This ensures that your tiles will look stunning when you buy them, and they’ll stay that way.
You can talk to us and make an order from our showroom at Lock Farm. Alternatively, if you would prefer to order some free samples, you can do so easily here.